Episode 230 – “Plenary Session of Sunday, October 27,” Part II

This week, Part Two of CenterStage’s coverage of the plenary session of Sunday, October 27, from the CFI Summit.

On October 24th through 27th, 2013, the Center for Inquiry presented the CFI Summit, an international congress in the Pacific Northwest. This event explored su
ch questions as: To what extent do skeptics and humanists have a common mission? Should examination of religious beliefs remain largely off limits for skeptics? Should secular humanists be as critical of fringe science claims, including alternative medicine, as they are of religious beliefs? And are there public policy issues on which skeptics and humanists can productively collaborate?

That session included presentations by Scott O. Lilienfeld, professor of psychology at Emory University, an editorial board member of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and Associate Editor of The Journal of Abnormal Psychology; and Bill Cooke, a humanist activist based in New Zealand and director of transnational programs at the Center for Inquiry.

The session was chaired by Jim Underdown, executive director of the Center for Inquiry–Los Angeles.

In this episode, Scott O. Lilienfeld will complete his presentation and we will hear the presentation by Bill Cooke, followed by some questions from the audience.