Robert M. Price

Episode 025

As the ancient proverb says, you can’t tell the Herods apart without a scorecard. We get up to speed this week on all the different Herods mentioned in the Bible. It’s pretty well known that the Bible can be, to put it mildly, especially unkind to women. This week we take a brief look at … [...]

Episode 024

Big news! Human Bible t-shirts are now in stock. They’re the best way to show the world that while the Bible may not be infallible, you think it’s pretty damn fascinating. As always, we get up to speed—this time we look at the evolution of a biblical text and learn how the Epistle of Jude is more … [...]

Episode 023

This week on The Human Bible we get up to speed on the Torah. What sort of laws does it contain, and who enforces them? Some critics of the gospels claim that they were written by people playing, basically, a big game of telephone—how do apologists respond? We answer some listener questions: did Moses part … [...]

Episode 022

This week on The Human Bible, we ask: to whom was the Bible written? Is it meant to be read by anyone that happens to pick it up, or did its authors have a more specific audience in mind? We take a look at “the day the earth stood still!” The Bible says God lengthened … [...]

Episode 021

This week on The Human Bible, we first get Up to Speed by answering some questions: What is the difference between Isreal and Judah? Between Israelite and Jew? And does Jew mean the same thing as Judean? We flip things around for this week’s Apologetics is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry: we pick out … [...]

Episode 020: Christmas Special

This week, first thing’s first: is your humble host actually Santa Claus? Listen and find out! We get up to speed on the predicted coming of Jesus and the nature of prophecy. When was Jesus born? Was it during the reign of Harod the Great, or a couple years after Herod died, during the course … [...]

Episode 019

This week on The Human Bible we explain some of the differences between an historian and an apologist. How do historians decide if a story comes from mythology or from reality? A well known story in the Bible involves a mustard seed—in particular, it claims that they’re the smallest of all seeds. What’s the problem … [...]

Episode 018

This week on The Human Bible we get a primer on some often mispronounced and misspelled Biblical terms. Prophecy, prophesy, prophesize? Is it Book of Revelation or Book of Revelations? During Apologetics is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry, we wonder who Simon Peter was talking to when he denied knowing Jesus—and how many times … [...]

Episode 017

This week on The Human Bible we carefully examine a very important figure in the Bible—John the Baptist. What did his followers really think of Jesus? Did they welcome him, or reject him as the… anti-Christ? In Apologetics is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry, we learn about some more fascinating characters: Josephus, Eusebius, and … [...]

Episode 016

This week we get up to speed on another Jewish sect: the Essenes. Some think the Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of their writings—but are they really? We examine a prophecy in Isaiah 17 which suggests Damascus is going to be turned into a ruinous heap. The problem is that it… hasn’t actually happened … [...]