Episode 011

Among all the different versions, translations, and copies of the Bible, which one should you look to if you care about historical accuracy? This week’s Human Bible answers that question.

We also look into a prophecy found in Revelation: The end is near! The end is near! Er, or is it? Some might argue that it depends on your definition of near, but it’s been some 1900 years and we’re still waiting. Listen in to find out what is actually going on here.

Of course this week we again answer a couple listener questions—one from an “escapee Jehovah’s Witness” on the accuracy of the New World Translation (you might be surprised at the answer to this one), and one about possible polytheistic remains found in the Bible.

Finally, in this week’s “Is That In the Bible?!” we again turn to Revelation and a story about 144,000 male virgins being redeemed by Christ (You know you want to hear the rest of that story.)

Special thanks to Ray and Cliff for the questions answered in today’s episode.

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