Episode 013

This week on The Human Bible we get a little more up to speed on the Psalms-are they lyrics, poetry, or something else entirely? If they’re lyrics, who was meant to sing them?!

We look into the truth, or lack of it, in an apologetic attempt to reconcile the confusing multiple genealogies of Jesus.

As always, we answer some great listener questions (Keep sending them in!): First, how do we know Jesus was a carpenter-is his resume hidden somewhere in Acts? Next, what did the Jefferson Bible (compiled by Thomas Jefferson) actually contain? What did he cut out and what did he leave in? And finally, how can you reconcile the two versions of the death of Judas in the Bible? Did he hang himself, or… explode?

Last, we ask, “Is That in the Bible?!” and look at the Bible’s strange clarification that anyone who might say “Hallelujah, Jesus be damned!” is definitely not revealing true prophecy.

Special thanks to Robert, Keith, and Derek for the questions explored in today’s episode!