Episode 015

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot in the news about a recently discovered fragment of papyrus that says something about Jesus having a wife. What’s to be made of that? Did he have a wife? Is the scrap of papyrus the real deal, and if so, is this huge news to biblical scholars?

We also get up to speed on an important and fascinating sect of Judaism: the Zealots. A segment not to be missed! Who were they? Was Judas Iscariot involved? You might know him as a betrayer of Jesus, but was he also a dagger wielding, contract-killing assassin? Turns out… maybe?

In this week’s Apologetics is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry, we examine some attempts to explain how differently Jesus is described in John and the Synoptic Gospels.

We answer some listener questions, including: What does the Bible really say about Satan? First he’s a good guy helping God vet his potential followers, and then suddenly he’s the embodiment of all evil? What happened?!

Finally, you’re probably wondering “Does the Bible really suggest you should execute smart mouthed kids?” Oh, you weren’t wondering that? Well, this week we answer it anyway.

Special thanks to Karen and Scott for sending in the questions answered in this week’s episode.