Episode 018

This week on The Human Bible we get a primer on some often mispronounced and misspelled Biblical terms. Prophecy, prophesy, prophesize? Is it Book of Revelation or Book of Revelations?

During Apologetics is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry, we wonder who Simon Peter was talking to when he denied knowing Jesus—and how many times did he actually do it?

As always, we answer some great listener questions:

Is it possible that the reason for some of the Bible’s conflicting details about Jesus as a child are a result of there being two kids named Jesus?

Was Luke a physician—and what did it even mean to be a physician in the time of the Bible?

2 Kings 3:21: A story in which the Israelites are kicking the butts of some pagans, until one of them offers up the supreme sacrifice of his own son—to call in his god to intervene—and… it works? Is that really in the Bible?!