Episode 021

This week on The Human Bible, we first get Up to Speed by answering some questions: What is the difference between Isreal and Judah? Between Israelite and Jew? And does Jew mean the same thing as Judean?

We flip things around for this week’s Apologetics is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry: we pick out something from the Bible that is often called a contradiction—and understandably so—but suggest that it is, in fact, not.

As always, we explore some questions from listeners:

Are there numerological “puns” in the Bible? Does the Number of the Beast, 666, spell out NRN CSR or Nero Caesar? If so, are there other instances of this in the text?

Does the Bible say God wants us to be rich and successful, as many mega-churches and televangelists claim?

Finally, does the Bible suggest that God wants people to be gay—but only those people he doesn’t like? Is that in the Bible?!

A special thanks to Robert and Greg for submitting the questions answered in this episode.