Episode 022

This week on The Human Bible, we ask: to whom was the Bible written? Is it meant to be read by anyone that happens to pick it up, or did its authors have a more specific audience in mind?

We take a look at “the day the earth stood still!” The Bible says God lengthened a day for Joshua so he could win a battle—urban legend, or confirmed by science?!

As always we answer some great listener questions: Where do Catholic rituals come from—can you find reference to them in the Bible? While Jesus is on the cross, why does it seem like it takes him crying out to God for people to realize he might be thirsty?

Finally, we examine a song in the Bible, and, okay, look, it involves rocks and it involves kids. And it’s not pretty. Is that really in the Bible?!

Thanks to Andrew and Carrie for the questions answered in this week’s episode!