Libros recibidos

screen-shot-11/17/2016-at-4-36-30-pmThe Elixir of Death (And other stories with poisons)
Author: Raul Alzogaray. National University of Quilmes. Siglo XXI Editores. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007. 124 pages.

Is the ideal poison arsenic or there are those who ingest it without suffering consequences? Is the famous case of the Crucible is explained by a fungus poisoning bread? Do pitonisas of the Delphic oracle went into trance through the effluvia of a mysterious gas? Many questions of the kingdom of toxicology up this work, which traces the fascinating history of poisons from the official hemlock from the ancient Greeks to the case of poisoning with radioactive polonium of a Russian spy, through poisoned arrows or by followers of the Jim Jones cult “suicided” with tranquilizers and cyanide. However, the same harmful substances have opened doors to health and knowledge; Janus, the god of gates of ancient Rome, toxicology has always had two faces: it can save lives, but also remove them.

This new book by the author of A tomb for Romanov (and other stories DNA) plunges us into a world unknown and full of surprises. Welcome to the remedies that kill, hallucinogenic drugs, monster children, unsolved crimes … and other stories with poisons.

screen-shot-17/11/2016-at-4-36-42-pmSex, drugs and biology (and a little rock and roll)
Author: Diego Golombek. National University of Quilmes. Siglo XXI Editores. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006. 130 pages.

What do we mean when we talk about love and sex? Of Science?

Nothing in life is important, more fun, more interesting or more problematic than sex. Of course for different bugs that are on the Earth, say sex adventures mean very, very different. Moreover, many of these sexy behaviors must be noted … And all for what? To choose the best partner with which to mix genetic material and have healthy and fertile little children.

Women and men do not escape the general law: fortunately, there are differences between genders in the body, in the organization of the brain, emotions, perception of beauty. And it is worth studying to understand, to understand; why not stop being friendly, unpredictable, poetic.

In this book we will see why the kids are babies and girls, girls; why they are usually chosen each other, what is beauty in biological terms, where is the love in the brain. And, for the same price, a little rock and roll.