Lo que faltaba: una niña vidente

As if not enough with all the seers that abound in the fauna of the paranormal, now a major newspaper in Santiago de Chile plans to sell a version of psychic miniature. It is a small four year old by the name of Anais. Which genetic heritage, his paranormal talents have been transferred from mother to daughter, generation after generation, as have their closest. Anais is supposedly a psychic multifunctional: not only does premonitions, but also reads the tarot, sees dead people and unfolds to save lives. And like any self – respecting guess so, charges five thousand pesos for each query.

Anaís, la supuesta niña vidente.
Anaís, la supuesta niña vidente.

Supernatural experiences are the daily bread in the life of the child. But her parents are also involved, especially his mother declarada- Witch , who claims to have increased its extrasensory “abilities” since he was born his prodigious offspring. The report which published the Last News on 21 October, recounts numerous experiences of this kind, indigestible for any rational mind and, of course, unable to be tested objectively.

Not to be outdone more experienced colleagues, the young “promise” of national clairvoyance said what their perception of the remote still uncertain whereabouts of little Madeleine McCann: “She’s fine, but is sad because she is alone. He misses his parents. They will find. ” This episode regrets-ble has become an unbeatable to soothsayers always be given on the media opportunity. The curious thing is that they have released conflicting visions with each other, that already shows that some of these specialists were still fails the third eye.

Returning to the small Anais, she and her parents seem to fit perfectly into the typical family model, thanks to its “extraordinary powers” believe live daily with supernatural phenomena, a world in which every dream related to the Hereafter and premeditated “causality” is behind the most insignificant of coincidences (among other atrocities).

There will be time to prove with facts whole fallacy that surrounds the history of this child prodigy and his family. For now, it is worth this text to reflect this new element that integrates the local circus of the paranormal, a circus featuring an absurd and delirious spectacle, but enjoys full acceptance from both the public and the media, despite that their “clowns” are always giving unmistakable signs that his paranormal powers are more false than the stigmata of Padre Pio.