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Is the Chiropractic Subluxation Theory a Threat to Public Health?

When The Polio Epidemic was at its  Peak In the mid-1950s and the Salk vaccine was being promoted for immunization against poliomyelitis, the National Chiropractic Association campaigned against polio vaccination and recommended chiropractic adjustments for preventing and treating the disease. Defending the use of the Salk vaccine, the US surgeon general issued this statement in … [...]

Multiple Chemical Sensitivies An Iatrogenically Perpetuated Disorder and Example of The Nocebo Effect

Modern Public Health Traces The Origin of multiple chemical sensitivities to Snow’s mapping of cholera cases and his subsequent removal of the handle of the Broad Street pump. Reducing the public’s exposure to environmental pollutants has long been a major role of public health practice. In earlier years pollutants were found to be biological pathogens … [...]

Dental Silver Amalgam Fillings Are Dentists Poisoning Their Patients

In the 1970s  A Colorado Dentist Hal Huggins started claiming that mercury in amalgam dental fillings caused a wide variety of diseases. In 1985 he published a book detailing his beliefs about “mercury toxicity.”1 Since that time the antiamalgam movement has grown substantially. Popular-health writers have also warned of the potential “dangers” of amalgam fillings.2-3  … [...]

Opposition to Community Water Fluoridation and Connections to the Alternative Medicine Movement

Community Water Fluoridation Serves as an example of a perfect public health intervention. Because the benefits can be readily provided to everyone served by a fluoridated public water system, large groups of people can be protected in a manner that does not discriminate against any group, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, or any other … [...]

Opposition to ImmunizationA Pattern of Deception

Thanks mostly to immunization, diseases such as measles, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and rubella are rare in the developed world. Today’s immunizations work by enhancing the body’s own immunity. Because they are effective, simple, natural, and prevention-based interventions, we might expect “complementary medicine” theoreticians to embrace them. However, opposition to immunization is common within the “alternative … [...]

Alternativism and Public Health

People who believe that the practice of medicine should be limited to methods and procedures that meet available scientific standards of safety and efficacy, complementary methods used in the art of patient care that have compatible rationales, and conduct that is consistent with established ethical principles,* are justifiably concerned about the proliferation of alternative medicine … [...]